The leaf

The leaf sat lonely on a branch,

The leaf was the last to fall,

Nicest of them all red and orange,

Saying goodbye for the last time ,

The wind is coming,

It give me a scare,

But i know I will be down there,

I will be down there soon with my family and friends,

what an adventure it’s been,

lake Eppalock

sail3-6’s went to lake Eppalock doing sailing the boats came from Melbourne.

When we got there we had to go in groups I was in Mrs Stone’s group.

Games these are some of the games we played wheel borrower, snatch the bacon, nappy run, captain said and octopus.

Teaching we had to learn things like where to sit how to catch the wind. We also did a work sheet in the work sheet there was two cross words, spot the different and more.

Sailing  when we got down to the lake we had to lean where to put the dagger board and the tiller/rudder on the first day  Lily and  I got no where but the next day we got out so far like 50 feet.

Lily and I had so much fun sailing I hope I have inspired you to ask your P.E  teacher to go sailing.